Client Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering our services for your beautiful property. Please be aware of the following terms and conditions, as they will be implemented if you decide to join our team.

COMMISSION – A base commission rate of 15% is charged on a monthly basis, which is outlined in your PAYMENT ADVICE. This cost excludes GST which is detailed below. The 15% commission rate includes;

-      Cleaning of property after guests occupy the space

-      Appraisal of property after guests occupy the space

-      Appraisal of guests before occupying the property

-      Tasteful creation of listing on

-      Guest communication

-      Extensive client support

-      General Management of the property

GST – GST or the Goods and Services Tax is a value-added taxed on most goods and services. GST is paid by consumers, but is remitted to the government by Air2Air Management & Consultancy. GST will be added to services such as the commission rate. Other services will note the GST charge if it applies.

PAYMENT ADVICE – A Payment Advice is sent to your nominated account at the start of each month. This in detail shows you the income accrued from your property during the previous month. This also shows any charges made to you, such as the commission rate.

LAUNDERING AND LINEN – Air2Air provides a standard stock of linen for your property. To wash, dry and use this linen we charge a standard fee of $8 per bed, excluding GST. This includes pillowcases, towels and sheets. We also provide clean, fresh tea towels for the guests to use. If you have any linen at the property, please label appropriately with your name and contact details.

We are not personally responsible for your linen, please lock it away in a personal cupboard for your use.

CLEANING – Cleaning is done of your property after every stay if a guest has occupied the space. This does not include if you stay however, and you will be charged a rate of $35 per hour of cleaning needed, excluding GST.

We have an analytical process to evaluate each member of the cleaning team. They must each provide a police check, along with proof of residency and right to work. Our team of cleaners are professional, responsible people who put a lot of care into the presentation of your home. If for any reason there is an issue with the cleaning of your property, please report this to the Air2Air team and the issue will be investigated.

Our cleaners do their best with-in the short time span to clean your home for appropriate presentation. This does not include the following;

-      Window cleaning

-      Outdoor maintenance

-      Carpet cleaning

If these additional services are required, your requests can be forwarded to the Air2Air team. This is explained in detail on the ADDITIONAL COSTS page.

DAMAGES – Occasionally issues can occur, especially if your property is frequently visited. Guests are responsible for leaving the home in a similar state that it was presented to them. Any damage to the property or items with-in it are reported to for further investigation, and the appropriate amount of bond is forfeited as per our GUEST TERMS AND CONDITIONS. holds an insurance cover of up to 1 million dollars for damages to your home caused by guests. This insurance does not cover the following;

-      Natural disasters and occurrences

-      If damage is caused during your stay

-      If damage can’t be linked to a previous guest

If any damage occurs to your home, you will be notified in a timely matter – usually when all technical issues have been sorted and an answer is prominent.

We are not personally responsible for any damages, misplacements or discrepancies.

GUESTS – Air2Air Management & Consultancy proudly welcomes guests of different ages, gender, race and ethnicity. A guest is only appraised based on their history and mannerisms; we cannot legally restrict a group based on the listed above.

ADDITIONAL COSTS – Air2Air Management & Consultancy love to add personal touches when preparing a home for occupation. This includes providing essentials such as shampoo & conditioner, soaps, etc.

The costs for the following (excluding GST);

-      Coffee – 20c per unit

-      Tea – 15c per unit

-      Sugar – 10c per unit

-      Milk – 20c per unit

-      Toilet Paper - $1 per roll

-      Paper Towel - $1 per roll

-      Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap (package) - $2 per package

Five (5) of each Coffee, Tea and Sugar are set out per stay.
Two (2) Milks are set out per stay.
Number of Toilet Paper is dependent on the amount of guests, and the amount of bathrooms in your property.
Paper Towel is replenished after the previous is used up.

If you wish to provide any of these yourself, please let our team know so that

KEYS – A set of keys must be provided to Air2Air Management & Consultancy, along with a set for guests to receive during their stay. Air2Air may cut an additional set for cleaners if required.

Air2Air Management & Consultancy will keep the guests’ set of keys at our Dromana office, where the guest will sign a Security Bond Agreement. We analyse their government issued ID before handing over the key, and they are expected to return the key on the day of evacuating your property.

If keys are to be kept at the property in a lockbox, a code must be provided at the start of management. Air2Air requests that all changes are noted to the team at your earliest convenience.

Please note that if the key is kept at the property, the Security Bond Agreement cannot be signed.

We are not personally responsible for the loss or damage of keys.

MARKETING FEES –A Marketing Fee of $20 excluding GST can be charged each month to your nominated account. This includes advertisement on our website, Facebook and Instagram; along with expanding the reach of your property by using other channels such as

This is a non-compulsory addition, but we find it helps to keep your property popular and relevant.

UTILITY BILLS – As your property will be used frequently, a slight rise in utility bills may be evident. If you find your bills have peaked significantly, please notify the team immediately and we will investigate the issue. If we can’t find solid evidence linked to the guests, you may need to contact your providers at your own discretion.

We are not personally responsible for the payment of your utility bills.

RATES – As circumstances such as time, date or weather can alter the appeal to your property, you should expect a few changes in prices. When the listing is first created, prices will be changed frequently until bookings start coming in. After this, we can set your peak and off-peak pricing seasons accordingly.

Prices may be changed without consultation or notification. Prices discussed during any meeting prior to management are not binding, and are only estimates.

CANCELLATIONS – Cancellations are set to strict on our listings, and are taken seriously as they lower the rating for your property and the overall Air2Air Management & Consultancy account. If you wish to cancel a booking for any reason, you are solely responsible for paying the cancellation fees. These fees will be charged on your monthly PAYMENT ADVICE when applicable. There are a few reasons in which these fees may be waived.


Those reasons are as follows;

-      Natural disaster has damaged your home

-      Serious maintenance issues that affect the quality of living

-      Security issues

TERMINATION – Termination in contract is taken seriously with Air2Air Management & Consultancy. To terminate contract before the end date, you must adhere to the following;

-      ALL bookings must be honoured. After the last booking, one (1) month is required to finalise your property’s management.

-      Bookings may be cancelled if you adhere to the CANCELLATION section in which you are solely responsible for paying all attached charges.

-      Bookings may be cancelled with-out charge due to extreme circumstances such as natural disasters, serious maintenance issues, security issues or an illness in yourself or your family.

-      Bookings will not be cancelled due to selling your property or a change of mind.

BREACH IN CONTRACT – A breach in contract is a serious offence. You automatically breach the written contract if you do one or more of the following (but not limited to):

-      Attempting to access classified information such as credit card details, email history, client information, guest information, account information (, Airbnb etc)

-      Attempting to pose as an employee of Air2Air to access classified information.

-      Taking a created listing and making your own without authorisation.

If evidence is found of a breach in contract, your contract will immediately be terminated and all cancellation fees will be forwarded to your nominated account. You do not have the rights to take over bookings accrued through the Air2Air system.