The Bach

The Bach

t then came to mind what I would have called them 20 years ago.....A Bach!  most of my Australian friends would go huh?  A Bach in New Zealand is a holiday home and sometimes a place of permanent residence.  I in fact did live in one in the Far North or as we would call it "up north" Ninety Mile Beach was a wonderful adventure land for children growing up, the beach was untouched and you could drive your car along the shoreline swerving in and out of the waves and could go further than the eye could see, through streams and quicksand, on dads knee steering ever so carefully.

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The Sleepy Town vs Tourists Galore! Mornington Peninsula

Its not All about the Peak!

To get your airbnb really working for you think about the time of year and what your listing is saying about the surroundings and home you are promoting.  I think too many are worried about the seasons and not about what we can offer your guests throughout the year.

Of course summer brings an instant surge to our beaches, after all they are a free "attraction" for the family, hey just pack a picnic, some shade, and the kids and off you go!  The foreshore is beautifully calm and particularly Rosebud Beach, which has shallow water, the warmth of this water is sensational, the wee ones will paddle for hours and what I like most is that is really is so safe.  The back beaches are gorgeous with the constant stream of huge waves and interesting rock pools to discover. 

St Andrews Beach

One of my favourites, however swimming is not recommended! It has rather high waves and rips, but just to sit and take time out or a long stroll along the beach I would highly recommend you visit. It is also a great beach for the fisherman and experienced surfers.

Rye Foreshore

This is a fantastic beach to go to, from swimming to parks and a camping reserve, you would not be disappointed, the jetty is spectacular and great for a spot of fishing, it also has two boat ramps and a yacht club!.  Swimming is usually safe, sorry no surfing here though.  In the peak months there is also a carnival and the streets are full of great cafes, entertainment, markets and music.

Airbnb Listings

This brings me to the point where you should decide to promote all this wonderful summer excitement BUT for the cooler months maybe change your listing to promote the Peninsula Hot Springs or maybe a long bush walk, of course there are wineries galore which makes for a very romantic date or a great girls weekend away. 

Promote your space for wedding accommodation?  We need to keep a constant stream of tourists visiting us to keep our local shops, cafes, and businesses alive throughout the year.

What about a round of Golf

What a beauty! stunning views, great course and value for money with green fees!  Here you can play an 18 hole round then kick back in the clubhouse for a drink or two and a light meal

Flinders Golf Club

Let air2air take care of you and your holiday home

So lets concentrate on bringing the tourists all year round making our airbnb or holiday home listing a great invitation to our wonderful sleepy town in the cooler months or bustling community over the summer.






Airbnb, Stayz, Real Estate?

I know there are plenty of other sites out there to ponder over but when I speak to friends or clients they seem to be set on one of three ideas.

Airbnb seems to be the more popular option as the fees for the host are very competitive compared to Stayz, and they have completely blown the Real Estates out of the water!  I am not an avid follower of Stayz I have been a guest a couple of times with them but that was years ago and from memory they pretty much had the market.  I came across aribnb whilst looking for someway to make a little extra money and with all my children rapidly flying the coup (except one) I decided to rent out a room. 

I was cleaning a clients home at the time, and I remember thinking how does this work?  They actually live here and pack up their kids and leave for a weekend or whatever and strangers come into their home treat it fantastically and have a wonderful holiday...all the while these guys must be making huge money, so I searched up the location and honestly why wouldn't they be doing it, pretty much paying their mortgage for a year, while they go away somewhere and have a break themselves!


So I prepped my room and I must say the airbnb community were onto it pretty much straight away, family and friends were saying "how can you have people staying with you"  it takes a special type of host to share a room as opposed to the entire house.  I met some wonderful people from both Australia and overseas, some of which I still keep in touch with.

The thing is this, you learn so much from these experiences, hey we all have days where to see a strangers face in your home can be off putting, changing beds, rolling towels (as I do) and preparing a hamper or breakfast, can be just too much effort, BUT to look back as I have done, and tick it off my list, I had a ball I think I could do it full time if the opportunity arose.

So now I get to prepare my airbnb homes through clients I meet,  I treat them with just as much time love and effort as if they were my own.  Along the way I will be sure to share with you some of the odd findings, funny stories and great moments I have had and will continue to come across through my airbnb journey!

airbnb as easy as

  1. Air2Air Prepares your Space
  2. Air2Air Generates a Listing
  3. Air2Air Takes care of you and your guests....easy

And so it begins!

Today I am excited, today I will finally give the world my ideas and advice on something I am truly passionate about Airbnb

For many years I have admired the success of ordinary people making a "go of it" putting themselves into the unknown and striving to be something better, whether its just helping out a non for profit charity or like me wanting to build a great business that people need, I really think I have stepped upon something that will indeed soar and hope you follow my journey.

I have been cleaning homes for a year now and what I have seen can not be "unseen" with patience and a smile I have continued time and time again to go back and try and make a difference in these peoples lives, some were ever so grateful others left a trail behind them especially for me just to pick up!

We are all built differently, we all have homes that we are proud of even if others can't imagine living as others do.

This brings me to what I love the most and that is these fabulous holiday homes that I have come to know, some are spectacular and others homely and warm, what they all have in common is Airbnb, I have studied the process, I have been a host and enjoyed it so much that I would do it again in a heartbeat, meeting new people from around the world and hearing their stories and adventures is mind blowing.

Now I have Air2Air Management & Consultancy I still get to meet some of these inspiring people but also have the pleasure of communicating and making my clients homes perfect for their continuing flow of guests. 

I will be posting my hints and ideas each week that will give you a heads up on getting your holiday home more guests, more positive reviews and more money!