The Awkward Moments of Airbnb

So now that the high season is over, I have time to reflect on some of the odd and funny findings within my airbnb properties.

The one thing that stands out is the compulsory furniture moving...why?  WHY must you move the furniture, does everyone take the "make yourself at home" literally! and who has to move it back?  The following reasons have been documented

1. Feng shui

2. I couldn't see the TV

3. The baby was going to fall out of bed

4. We didn't like the way you had the room set up.  Please stop!

And lets not forget if you have an unlocked cupboard in your home containing anything that can be used, towels are the most popular god forbid someone could hang one up.... no no lets just get one of these nice fresh white towels out over and over again, arghhh I do giggle once I have filled my car to the brim with countless towels, sheets and doona covers!  Lets not forget not all guests are the same, I have tons of lovely thoughtful guests that I host that leave the home spotless and understand its a short term rental.

Now what about the odd things the cleaners have found along the way do you really want to know?  of course you do.....we have had the normal stuff like undies between the sheets, t-shirts and shoes, glittery carpets, balloons and if I am lucky left over alcohol (joking) !! BUT could you possibly take your sex toys home with you and maybe whilst I commend you on having safe sex dispose of the necessary items...GLOVES 101!!!!!

HMMMM what about compromising positions within the home?

"oh I see you have made yourself at home in the communal area, remember when finished making passionate love to take your clothes and pop the cushions back on the couch!"  should I have knocked whilst entering my own home?

Its a really funny business to be in, we must keep an open mind and remember airbnb promotes living like a local and feeling completely at home throughout your stay.

For me business is booming and the airbnb community is fabulous, the clients I have acquired over the last few months are excited at where this is going, and having homes to airbnb on the Mornington Peninsula is nothing short of amazing.

Here we offer so many activities throughout the year, every holiday or long weekend the Peninsula is a buzz promoting our great holiday destination.

Air2air Management & Consultancy is always looking for new and exciting ways to pull in the crowds, airbnb is such a great thing for our town we are creating revenue for the locals, making money for holiday home owners and opening up a world of fascination for the overseas and Australian tourists. 

Soon Air2Air will be commencing the "airbnb experience"....guests can book an intimate or group tour, we will be showcasing some of the Peninsula's favourite spots including wineries, beaches, Peninsula Hot Springs and scenery.

Take a Stroll on Dromana Pier

Take a Stroll on Dromana Pier

Hot Springs Perhaps

We are looking to give airbnb guests a choice of comfortable or quirky!  We have such a great selection of homes to suit everyone, and soon we will be offering the choice of "comfortable or quirky transport"


Air2air has lots of interesting and unique ideas for the ultimate experience on the Mornington Peninsula.