The Bach


The New Zealand Bach

So today I was thinking of course about Holiday Homes and how gorgeous some of them are. 

It then came to mind what I would have called them 20 years ago.....A Bach!  most of my Australian friends would go huh?  A Bach in New Zealand is a holiday home and sometimes a place of permanent residence.  I in fact did live in one in the Far North or as we would call it "up north" Ninety Mile Beach was a wonderful adventure land for children growing up, the beach was untouched and you could drive your car along the shoreline swerving in and out of the waves and could go further than the eye could see, through streams and quicksand, on dads knee steering ever so carefully.

One of the sights I remember as a child was the wild horses that galloped over the sand hills and freak high tides that would wash away the ramp that was made from old rickety wood, it was the only way from memory that you could get your car or truck to the beach. 

The seafood was endless we would take our bucket to the shore and would dig with the back of our heels and there we would find our much loved dinner, Pipies, Cockles and Tuatua's along with fresh fish from the ocean.   We would eat delicacies such as pheasants, ducks and Quail, we would fill our basin in the wash house and pluck them before cooking,  the feathers were so beautiful and soft, a way of life that no longer exists.

I really don't think there was such a thing as renting out your bach back then!  It was more of a who ever wants to stay can and if we aren't there let yourself in and make yourself at home.  Those days too are gone

Build Some Childhood Memories with your Kids

Whether you are local and spend your summers in your own Holiday Home or travel from Melbourne or overseas, these are the days you want to remember.  Kids love the special time where there is no need for Play Stations, TVs or phones, a simple walk to the beach, watching the waves or playing ball with your dog, nothing will or can replace these memories.  Your children will grow up and talk about that special once a year holiday, and hopefully will continue the happiness with their kids and grandparents. 

I love visiting these Peninsula Holiday Homes or Bach's, where you see pictures of days gone by, sandy floors and beach toys.  It sums up a great holiday, we live in one of the most spectacular places in Victoria, the beaches are warm in summer and fascinating on the stormy days.

The Streets of Mornington Peninsula are filled with happy faces

Summer is hectic here on the Peninsula, but still it has a buzz!  The shops and grocery stores are filled with locals and tourists people are happy they want to be here, businesses are thriving and holiday homes are at their peak, my time last year was a constant trail back and forth to the houses I was taking care of, and for the most part of it, every holiday maker treated these homes with respect and left them very tidy.

If you are going have a holiday at your home you can still airbnb in between

Take your break when you need it, airbnb it when its vacant, this is the new way of capitalising on your investment. Seriously I can not believe how this has taken off and reached such a huge scale, time is moving on towards the crazy season and I too am beginning to approach a very busy time, don't forget to take the stress out of renting and let Air2Air Management & Consultancy look after all your needs, from listing, photos and cleaning we do it all.

No wasting time Airbnb efficiently

Organise your space, keep things in order it will make your airbnb run smoothly