Airbnb, Stayz, Real Estate?

I know there are plenty of other sites out there to ponder over but when I speak to friends or clients they seem to be set on one of three ideas.

Airbnb seems to be the more popular option as the fees for the host are very competitive compared to Stayz, and they have completely blown the Real Estates out of the water!  I am not an avid follower of Stayz I have been a guest a couple of times with them but that was years ago and from memory they pretty much had the market.  I came across aribnb whilst looking for someway to make a little extra money and with all my children rapidly flying the coup (except one) I decided to rent out a room. 

I was cleaning a clients home at the time, and I remember thinking how does this work?  They actually live here and pack up their kids and leave for a weekend or whatever and strangers come into their home treat it fantastically and have a wonderful holiday...all the while these guys must be making huge money, so I searched up the location and honestly why wouldn't they be doing it, pretty much paying their mortgage for a year, while they go away somewhere and have a break themselves!


So I prepped my room and I must say the airbnb community were onto it pretty much straight away, family and friends were saying "how can you have people staying with you"  it takes a special type of host to share a room as opposed to the entire house.  I met some wonderful people from both Australia and overseas, some of which I still keep in touch with.

The thing is this, you learn so much from these experiences, hey we all have days where to see a strangers face in your home can be off putting, changing beds, rolling towels (as I do) and preparing a hamper or breakfast, can be just too much effort, BUT to look back as I have done, and tick it off my list, I had a ball I think I could do it full time if the opportunity arose.

So now I get to prepare my airbnb homes through clients I meet,  I treat them with just as much time love and effort as if they were my own.  Along the way I will be sure to share with you some of the odd findings, funny stories and great moments I have had and will continue to come across through my airbnb journey!

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