And so it begins!

Today I am excited, today I will finally give the world my ideas and advice on something I am truly passionate about Airbnb

For many years I have admired the success of ordinary people making a "go of it" putting themselves into the unknown and striving to be something better, whether its just helping out a non for profit charity or like me wanting to build a great business that people need, I really think I have stepped upon something that will indeed soar and hope you follow my journey.

I have been cleaning homes for a year now and what I have seen can not be "unseen" with patience and a smile I have continued time and time again to go back and try and make a difference in these peoples lives, some were ever so grateful others left a trail behind them especially for me just to pick up!

We are all built differently, we all have homes that we are proud of even if others can't imagine living as others do.

This brings me to what I love the most and that is these fabulous holiday homes that I have come to know, some are spectacular and others homely and warm, what they all have in common is Airbnb, I have studied the process, I have been a host and enjoyed it so much that I would do it again in a heartbeat, meeting new people from around the world and hearing their stories and adventures is mind blowing.

Now I have Air2Air Management & Consultancy I still get to meet some of these inspiring people but also have the pleasure of communicating and making my clients homes perfect for their continuing flow of guests. 

I will be posting my hints and ideas each week that will give you a heads up on getting your holiday home more guests, more positive reviews and more money!