Mornington Peninsula Accommodation Finding You the Right Guests, Finding Guests the Right Home!

So instead of trying to keep up with all the top ranked businesses offering accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula I decided to blog the properties I makes sense to me! 

Welcome to the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula a perfect holiday destination filled with so many adventures, beaches, cafes and shops.  You will need somewhere to stay, a home that makes you feel like your part of the Peninsula, experience how it feels to live in such gorgeous surroundings.  We at air2air Management & Consultancy not only find accommodation for potential guests but we help you to airbnb, we have lots of tips and ideas to get your home guest ready, from styling to photography...or what about the cleaning and meeting your guests, yes we do that too! 

I have met some wonderful people so far, all of which I can relate to because of one thing!  I want the best for them and their home, I want to create a space where the guest will feel welcome and the host will be proud of what they are presenting. 

There is a need for what we do, Airbnb is amazing, I love everything about the experience and when I greet guests at my properties, I see one expression! I see happiness, they are, for just this moment in time free, they have left behind troubles of work and worry of time.  They are now here, they can relax take a deep breath, and smell the salt air...

Have you ever just looked at how magnificent the ocean really is?  Sat on the beach watched families play, kids swim and birds fly?  These things we often take for granted are not found often enough, to some the experience of white soft sand and swirly seas are a treat to be had just once, for those I would encourage to visit us here on the Mornington Peninsula, take a step towards paradise.

Yours faithfully



So here they are: