Air2Air -  Your airbnb & Holiday Home Service Centre

A note from Brigid

"I am so excited to be offering you this wonderful service, I have so many ideas that will help you succeed in making your airbnb experience both profitable and enjoyable.

I am sure you are interested in my background and what makes me stand out from the rest.

For one I am not working within the Real Estate Industry I have studied it and therefore know the great success they have had over the years taking huge commissions for less than what I am offering.  Airbnb is a great platform for both guests and hosts.  It is far more hands on for you as a host but the rewards are amazing."

The Opportunity is here

"There really is so much money to be made, and you keep the opportunity to decide when you are going to rent your home and for how long, you also get to pick the guests you would prefer to stay there.

It can however become quite time consuming as you climb the ladder to becoming a super host, and the way you present your home becomes more important, you must be able to rely on impeccable cleaners, well spoken and presented people to welcome your guests at your home, all these things add up to your airbnb space being sought after and therefore giving you more choice of what you will charge and whom you will rent it to."

Make it Unforgettable

We also need to remember the simple and very important things that will attract potential guests, and that is staging your home to look "homely" or indeed if you have a particular theme/style you like, making it the best we can.  Remember all your personal things should be placed away either in a locked cupboard or alternatively taken from the property.

Everything you want and more

Services that are unique (air2air car) are going to spark a lot of interest especially for overseas tourists that are not familiar with our roads or may not have a drivers license.  We too are looking at push bike hire which proves very popular in the summer months.  These services will be advertised on your listing making you stand out from the rest, and possibly allowing you to charge just that little bit extra."

Let's get behind our local businesses

I am also approaching some of our local businesses hopefully to offer your guests a discounted rate on some of the tourist attractions like Peninsula Hot Springs when booking the car, or maybe some local produce to add to a hamper.

I'll make you feel at home while we look after yours.

Talk to you soon.